16 Nov 2008

See You later...

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Well, the coolest alligator scarf, I just had to knit it.

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Dyeing and spinning

I dyed the green merino roving and tried to spin it a bit thin-ish.
The multicoloured I also dyed.
Fun! fun! fun!
Now what to knit?

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8 Jun 2008

Ahh colours

Oh how work takes up so much of ones time. Where did the month of May even go?

Well among different creative endavours I have been playing with dye and sock yarn.
So much fun.

And I just had to quickly cast on for a pair of socks to see how the yarn knits up.
Love the little stripes on the heel flaps!

Must get on knitting..

27 Apr 2008

F(inished) O(bjects)

Aaah, this sunday is for sewing..
I made this tote which I cut out a couple of days ago.

I really like it.

And my son finally got to wear his new socks - by the way he chose the colours and design of these.. I think he did a good job ;-)

26 Apr 2008


have I walked today.

Now I just want to sit down and knit!

24 Apr 2008


I really like Ottobre design magazine.

During the Easter break I managed to sew these basic, but well designed and well fitting spring-y tops.

Hoping to get some sewingtime this coming weekend. I have some (well, a lot, You know..) nice fabric lying around just waiting for the scissors and the sewingmachine.